Piano Lessons

Piano lessons are offered to both children and adults who are studying beginning to intermediate classical, pop and jazz. I am trained and certified in the Suzuki method as well as being a founding teacher of the Music Development Program on the US branch of the Canadian Royal Conservatory of Music. I also specialize in helping pop singers accompany themselves, helping to simplify music theory and make it usable.

I offer several different study paths for piano for both children and adults. Paths can be switched or combined to fit a student’s particular interests.

Suzuki method:

This is a wonderful method for children ages 3-7. Every Suzuki teacher has their own way; what we have in common is using a wonderful, graduated repertoire, ear-training and listening as the primary learning tool and parent education and involvement. My unique approach involves learning reading intervallicly, using solfege, singing, movement, improvisation, transposition and beginning composition, depending on the child’s interests and proclivities. Once through Book 1, I supplement the repertoire with pieces from the Celebration Series of the Canadian Royal Academy and more.

Canadian Royal Academy:

This is for the child who loves a challenge and likes to prepare for specific things, such as an evaluation. The Royal Academy, through graded levels, leads to an education equivalent to the first year or two of college level theory and piano repertoire. I am founding member of the US branch and my students have received high marks.

Pop and Jazz:

This is often suitable for singers who want to accompany themselves, for the adult who wants to start back with something less intense, and for a teen that needs a break, as well as the serious student who wishes to supplement his studies with an understanding of jazz and improvisation. We learn how to read chord symbols, how to identify and memorize the chord structure of a tune, how to voice chords, how to make your own arrangements and more.

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