Voice Lessons

Using Patience, Humor, Anatomical and acoustic knowledge, Creativity, Body Awareness, Vocaleses, Compassion and Joy, I help students develop a solid, flexible technique, to understand their own unique instrument and to be able to sing in different styles should they desire. I love working with beginners and those who think they can’t match pitches but want to try. Concentrations in classical, jazz, pop and Broadway lessons are offered. I teach in my New York City studio in the West Village, private homes in downtown Manhattan, through the RiverArts program in Hastings on Hudson and Dobbs Ferry, and through Lacordaire Academy’s extended arts program in Upper Montclair.

I seek to help a student understand:

  • How to monitor their own alignment and breath.
  • Optimal ways to breathe use for various genres balanced with vocal fold closure, strength and flexibility.
  • How to free their tongue, jaw and other extrinsic vocal muscles.
  • How to access the right kind of efficient resonance for the genre they are singing.
  • How to balance registers (commonly known as chest/head or modal)
  • How to properly warm-up
  • How to learn music
  • How to prepare for performance
  • The basics of singing in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

Additional skills:

  • How to read music
  • How to sightread and work on ear training
  • Understanding theory and analyzing music
  • How to start improvising vocally
  • How to work with a jazz combo or other type of band/orchestra